Go to the OVH site and click the “Web Control Panel" link at the top of the page. Once logged in you will see your “Domains" list down the left hand side. Click on the domain you would like to use for your Fabrik site.

On your domain page you will see the General Information, but you need to click the DNS Zone tab, here you will see all your DNS entries for your domain. Right now we are only interested in the A records so click the filter dropdown to just show A records.

The DNS records we are interested in are:

Domain                   Type 
yourdomain.com           A
www.yourdomain.com       A

In our example 'yourdomain.com’, click the pencil icon to edit that entry. Change the Target to the Fabrik servers IP address If you have both the A records above then change both but if you only have the one for your root domain 'yourdomain.com’, change that one.

So if you had both, yours should look like below and you are done you just need to link your domainin the Fabrik dashboard.

If you only had the one you will need to check your CName's, click the filter again to show all the CName instead of A, you will be looking for:

Domain                  Type
www.yourdomain.com      CNAME

If the Target for the domain ‘www.yourdomain.com’ is set to ‘yourdomain.com’ then you can leave it as it is. All this means is when someone goes to the www sub-domain it is telling the DNS to point to where the root of your domain is pointing to i.e. Fabrik servers IP address.

If you do not have the CNAME for www then you will need to add a new DNS entry, click the button Add an entry in the top right. Simply set the type to be an A record put your subdomain as www and the target as and you will be done once that is saved.

The final step is to link your domain in the Fabrik dashboard.

The Internet is a big place!

DNS records are replicated all over the internet so any changes you make can often take up to 48 hours to propagate. If after a few hours your domain still goes to the old location, please be patient and wait a bit longer. If you want absolute confirmation that you've set everything up correctly you can use Dig Web Interface.

We're here to help

DNS can be a little tricky so if you get stuck, please contact our support team who will be happy to help.

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