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What is a slug?
What is a slug?

A URL slug is the address of a specific page or post on your site.

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Each new portfolio, project, post or page on your Fabrik site has it's own specific URL. A slug is part of that URL. Fabrik automatically assigns the slug based on the title of the project, portfolio, post or page you choose when you create it. For example, if you add a page titled "About," its automatic URL slug is You can manually change the slug whilst editing.

Using short, memorable URLs makes it easier for visitors to find and share your content.

You can choose whatever slug you like, except for slugs already reserved by Fabrik's file system (like portfolio, or blog) but there are some rules you'll need to follow in editing a slug:

  • URL slugs must be between 1 and 250 characters.

  • URL slugs can't include special characters other than dashes (-).

  • URL slugs are always lowercase. Any uppercase characters you enter will automatically change to lowercase.

To note in Fabrik there are system slugs which cannot be changed, portfolio, pages and blog as examples below, those are fixed

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