You can do a lot with your homepage so we thought it was time to put all the options in one place, and show you how to get the most out of your homepage.

Choosing a homepage layout

All your theme layouts are managed in one place, here. In Customise > Theme Layouts you'll find your site's page groups. Pick a homepage layout for your site here. 


Layout Options

Control crop ratio, column counts on different devices and other options specific to each layout. Tap the options icon over the layout to reveal the options drawer.

Feature Layouts

A feature layout uses a large or fullscreen hero area to display one, or several, of your projects in a slideshow. Pick a feature layout if you want your homepage hero area to display your best, or latest projects. A feature layout will link to the projects you include. 

Edit the feature count (the amount of projects that your homepage displays in the hero area) here, in Customise > Theme Settings. Set this count to less than the homepage project count to allow some of your projects to appear underneath the hero area. Set this count to the same as your homepage project count to make sure that all your homepage projects appear in the hero area.

Cover Layouts

A cover layout uses a specific project's media to fill the large, or fullscreen hero area. Pick a cover layout if you want to create an intro to your work on your homepage. A cover project won't link anywhere.


Choosing your homepage projects

There are a few different ways to control which projects appear on your homepage. Get creative by using a homepage portfolio.

Setting the amount of projects on your homepage

In your Theme Settings you'll control how many projects appear on your homepage, and how many of those projects appear in your feature are, if you're using a feature layout. Go to Customise > Theme Settings. Make sure the homepage project count is higher than 0.

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