Clever Control

For older users of Fabrik when cropping images the image focal point used to simply be the vertical and horizontal center of the image, but now with the help of some clever AI we're able to detect faces and general areas of interest in images.

Turning on Smart Focus is super simple, head to the settings section of Fabrik, you'll see a sub-section called Media and in there you will find the ability to switch on Smart Focus. This is enabled by default for the users joining us after July 2019.

Total Control

If Smart Focus isn't working for you on a few specific images or you just want to tweak the focal point you can do so for all cover images and project media. 

When editing your project, portfolio or blog post in the cover area, click the edit (pencil) icon.

Once that is opened you should see your image with a dot over the top. Drag that dot to the area of interest 

Once you have it in place, click save. Head back to your website and click refresh and you should see it now has set focus point as close to the center of the image as possible.

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