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Choosing the homepage projects
Choosing the homepage projects

Select specific projects to display on your homepage, and order them how you want to

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By default your home page is populated by the work in your projects section. If you'd like different work to appear on the home page or if you want your work in a different order you'll need to create a portfolio to handle this.

Creating the Portfolio

So first thing to do is create a portfolio. Head to the 'Projects' section and click on 'Portfolios', in here you can now 'Add a new Portfolio' by clicking on the box.

So we need to give the portfolio a title, in the top area over type where it says 'Add a portfolio title...'. For this example we will give it the title of "Homepage" but you can call it whatever you like. The only other thing we are going to do is make the portfolio private. So click the 'private' button.

Making it private is optional, it just means the portfolio wont be listed anywhere on your site where other portfolios are listed. Your portfolio should look like below, when you are happy click 'Save Portfolio'.

Assigning Projects

Once you have clicked the 'Save Portfolio' button you will be greeted with the Projects tab, here you can simply 'Create a new Project' which will automatically be assigned to the portfolio when you create it or you can click the 'Choose existing Projects' button and select from all your projects you have already created.

To add the projects, simply click on the plus icons for the ones you would like to appear on your home page and thats it. If you want to remove them click the tick icon again. To get back to the 'Homepage' portfolio click the icon top left of the window.

Setting the Home Page Portfolio

The final step is to set the portfolio to replace the work on your sites home page. Go to 'Settings' then 'Advanced'. From the dropdown called 'Home Page Portfolio' select the portfolio you just created, so we are selecting the one called "Homepage". Once that is selected click 'Update Settings'.

If you head over to your site by clicking the rocket icon you will now see the projects you have added to the "Home Page" portfolio.


In Fabrik each portfolio can have its own independent project order. Go back to the "Homepage" portfolio you created and under the projects tab you'll see all the projects you have assigned to that portfolio.

Click the 'Custom Ordering Disabled' button to enable the ability of dragging the projects around.

Once you have enabled custom ordering you can click and drag the projects around to put them in any order you want.

When you are happy with the order of your projects head back to your site, give your site a refresh and the order will have changed to reflect your "Home Page" portfolio.

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