We live in a world of distributed content. For most creatives, social networks, industry blogs and online media services play a key part in promoting your work online.

Profile Links make it easy for you to add links to all the different places you hang out online. So whether you're big on networks like Twitter, Facebook, IMDb and Instagram or creative communities like Behance, Flickr, VSCO, SoundCloud or Dribbble, increasing your exposure online is just a few clicks away.

To add links to your site profile log in to Fabrik and go to Settings > Site Profile on the main menu. Under the links section you'll see the logos of many popular social networks and creative communities:

To add a link, click the relevant logo and type in a URL. If you're unsure what the URL is for an online service you can normally just navigate to your profile and then copy the URL in your browsers address bar.

Click the tick to add the link, then save your changes by clicking the "Update Settings" button.

If you want to remove an existing link, click the logo, and then the trash button to remove it.

All the links you add will be added to your Fabrik website automatically so once you're done, launch your site to check out the results.

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