If you want to secure your projects with a password, perhaps to share with a client or someone you are collaborating with you can easily do so by simply setting a password for each of the desired projects.

When creating or editing a project if you go into the ‘Details’ tab, on the right had side you will see you a field for Password, here you can add, view, remove or change the password for this project.

Adding a Password

To add a password simply type in your chosen password and click the plus icon on the right hand side.

Once a password is set, if you now View the project you will be greeted with a Password Required.

Now you can send this project link to anyone and share your chosen password with them, so only you and the other person(s) will be able to see the contents of that project. You will notice that even though you have set a password the project still shows up in your site so if you want it to be completely removed from your site you will need to make it private as well as setting the password.

Removing the Password

Lets say you have set a password whilst making a new project and you are now happy for the world to see it. Just go to the password field in that project and click the cross icon. Thats it all done, now the world can see your work.

Changing the Password

If you want to revoke access to the project from someone who has the password you will need to change it. To do this follow the steps for removing the password and adding the password again.

Forgotten the Password

Not a problem, just go into the project you have forgotten the password for and click the icon of the eye, this will then reveal the password you set for that project.

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