What is a cover image?

In Fabrik a cover image is very important in making your portfolio engaging and interesting. Think about a project as an album then the cover image is the album cover. Every project, blog and portfolio can have a cover image - all these items work without one but we really recommend having one.

Most of the theme layouts where a list of items appear will show the cover image as the link to that particular item.

Below you can see a home page layout where the projects have no cover images.

And now with cover images for each of those projects.

We have some advice on selecting a cover image here in our Choosing Cover Images tutorials.

If you are a photographer, you will have no problem finding an image to use, but if you're working with videos you might not have stills of the video, so we suggest taking a screen-grab of the video.

Adding a cover image

Now we're clear on what a cover image is used for you'll probably want to know how to add one, and there are a few ways to add cover images for a project. In Fabrik add a new project, or find one of your existing projects and edit it.

Firstly you can click the "Click or drop cover image" button under your project title, this will open a file picker where you can select the appropriate image you want to use.

Alternatively just grab and image from your computer and drop it in the heading area.

Changing the cover image

Now you've added a cover image which you have decided isn't the best option for your project, simple click on the button "Click or drop cover image" to upload another image or drag one from your computer into the box to override the current Cover image.

Hide your Cover Image

If you want to use a cover image to illustrate your project, but don't want it to display inside the project page then you can hide your cover image.

Set the Focal Point

Follow this tutorial Smart focus and focal point

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