If you have a Vimeo Plus subscription you get a lot of control over how and where your Vimeo content can be displayed.

Many of our customers want to restrict the sites that can embed their videos and in some cases hide them on the Vimeo site completely.

Video privacy settings can be set globally or individually.

To change your global privacy settings go to Settings from menu bar that drops down from your icon top right, then click Videos on the settings menu. Or click this link https://vimeo.com/settings/videos/upload_defaults to get to the right section.

For an individual video, when on video page in the General section under the Privacy section you find the options to control where this can be embeded.

If you want to prevent your videos from being viewed on the Vimeo site, change Who can watch to Hide this video from vimeo.com:

To change where your videos can be embedded, under Where can this be embeded select Specific domains and add your primary domain.

In order for embedded videos to work on your fabrik site you'll also need to add the domain embeds.fabrik.io. This is a service we provide for embedding and caching the videos.

Once done you're videos will be locked down to your site only.

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