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Enabling Google Analytics
Enabling Google Analytics
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Google Analytics enables you to analyse your web site's traffic and learn about your audience.

First, head over to and create an account; or sign in if you already have a Google account.

If you've not used Google Analytics before you'll be prompted to set up a new web site, otherwise you'll need to go to the Admin page within Google Analytics and create a new property:

You'll then be presented with the following form to provide details of your web site and configure tracking options:

Under "Property setup" give your site a friendly name and provide the Primary URL of your Fabrik site. If you're using your own domain for your Fabrik site, you should specify that.

When you've completed the form, we now need to get the tracking code. In Data Streams click "Tagging Instructions" to open out the options, under the Google Site Tag you should see the code, highlight it all and copy it.

Next log into your Fabrik Dashboard and go to Settings > Advanced

Paste the code you just copied in the <HEAD> section on the right hand side, like so:

Give it a few mins and if you go visit your website you should then be able to see some data appearing in Google Analytics realtime section.

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