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Connecting your own domain
Connecting your own domain

To link personal domain names to your Fabrik site you need to make a few changes to your domain's configuration via their control panel.

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You can link as many of your personal domain names to your Fabrik website as you like. Linking your own custom domain is a two step process. First set up Fabrik to receive the domain and second tell your domain to send traffic to Fabrik.

1. Add your domain to your Fabrik site

Add your domain within the Fabrik dashboard first. To do this, log in to Fabrik and go to Settings > Domains and add your domain.

Make sure both the root (non-www) and www versions of your domain are added. This way it doesn't matter which URL someone enters, they'll still end up at your Fabrik site.

What is Make Primary?

Primary is what will show in the address bar of your browser. What you choose is up to you - personally we favour the non-www version (e.g. because it is shorter and looks nicer in the address bar.

2. Link from your domain provider

To link your domain to your Fabrik website you need to change some DNS records to point to Fabrik's IP Address on

DNS (Domain name system) is the record that translates a friendly URL like into an IP Address; a long number that works like a phone number for things connected to the internet.

Log in to the control panel of whoever manages your domain's DNS. Usually this is the same place where you purchased your domain.

If you're not sure who this is, you can do a check here to give you some clues.

Updating your DNS

Once you've logged in to your domain registrar's control panel you need to make some changes to your DNS records. The exact process for doing this can differ between providers. We have step-by-step guides for a number of popular registrars below.

If you're provider is not listed you need to configure the following records to point to Fabrik:

Hostname      Type     IP Address       
@              A    
www            A    

If you already have these hostnames you can just update the IP Addresses.

If you don't have them (possible if you've just registered the domain) you may need to create them.

Note: you should not have any duplicate hostnames that point to other places.

The Internet is a big place!

DNS records are replicated all over the internet so any changes you make can often take up to 48 hours to propagate. If after a few hours your domain still goes to the old location, restart your browser and try again, you may need to be patient and wait a bit longer. If you want absolute confirmation that you've set everything up correctly you can use Dig Web Interface.

We're here to help

DNS can be a little tricky so if you get stuck, please contact us via the chat (bottom right of your screen) or email us we will be happy to help.

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